An Organic Platform

The Art Root is an integrated site to open doors for artist to share their creativity. We offer various platforms and create intuitive techniques to grow them organically.

Prolific Creativity

We welcome any source of creative ideas to help open everyone’s imagination. We encourage people to overcome obstacles to enhance and grow their creative impulses by exploring and working on their own ideas and concepts. We become prolific when we create and produce.

Art in the Community.

We provide unique methods to showcase art from artists and creative individuals. We incorporate creative ways to introduce art into a community to form an equal opportunity to engage and feel mentally safe and healthy creating.

Sustainable Art Projects

Since the Art Root began in 2018, we have introduced the work of various artists. We invite artists in the community to participate in the production of ongoing, sustainable art projects.

Hands on Creativity

Hands on Creativity consists of step-by-step processes by the artist to demonstrate the making of an art piece or a project allowing the visitors to engage and participate for anyone regadless their art background for inspiring artists, for well established artists that want to practice with exploring new mediums.

Street Art Installation

Hands on Creativity, is a Art in the community Program, that houses various creative projects it has been created to inspire people and embraces the “Art Equals Health” way of life.  we have a mobile installation called “Seat Yourself A Soul”  inviting the public to paint or decorate a chair as a creative utilitarian art work. The chair is in itself an artpiece, and is presented as a pop – up street art installation.