“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

RAQUEL COBIAN (1931-2009)

RAQUEL COBIAN (1931-2009)

Artist / Founder of The Art Root.


The artist Raquel Cobian was born in Mexico and she was ultimately a self taught artist. She has been the inspiration for this website and her ideas to unify art and community. She was always looking to experiment with different mediums techniques and textures, finding her work to have multi a dimensional variety.  She had the opportunity to work next to very well known artist in Mexico and many from other countries as well, she was recognized by her works of art and unique style.

Her work and long history was published in several Art Encyclopedias in Mexico and her art has been published in many authors books. Through out her career as an artist she had many solo exhibits in various countries From North America and Europe. Her work was also published in various News papers around the world and magazines as well as appeared in PBS segments on Television and in various Art and Culture TV channels.

Her surrealist collection of collage pieces and her eloquent modus operandi to prepare the art piece and complete the  creation was unique, and she hand a distinctive folkloric style. Her paintings had also a very individual style was compared to Max Etnst from the Dada movement and surrealism. We are proud to share many of her art work, on this site. Because she was active in the art community all her life. We will be featuring each Month new art from her collection such as Oil paintings, drawings and her collages. In memoriam to her remarkable work. We are preparing a on future release of her Life and art book, still to be announced a publishing date, to be titled: “From there of a dream” in Spanish: “Desde All Del Sueno” in which her work and art trajectory history will be presented in a hard cover book.




This website has been created to share ART and Creativity in all it’s forms and to honor the many years of art by the artist Raquel Cobian and her prolific artistic career, we will share several art pieces and works of her collection.

We hope you enjoy learning about her life long expression in art and poems written by her through out 50 years or moe of art.

Thank you for visiting her Art Page.