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Artists today find it more challenging than ever to present original and innovative ideas, and they need to exert themselves and stretch their imagination to succeed. Moreover, the increase in the state of tension that generally surrounds us has become today the strongest force, has among the strongest impact, and is a primary motivator for artists to push themselves and encourages them to continue their creative endeavors without stopping. 

There is no doubt that the human touch in the classical school of painting had a major influence on the shape of the painting and the effect of the tools, particularly when an artist used his or her human fingers to place the special effects and touches on his or her work. Today’s modern technology has, however, reduced the need for the human artistic touch in favor of a vast array of diverse and different tools, each of which is a mechanism that gives access to an even bigger set of tweaking and tuning options that open up limitless horizons for artists to express themselves more creatively and accurately, to the degree.
Digital technology and modern techniques have had the strongest impact on the art of painting and drawing. In the past, painting and drawing depended on the artist’s skills in wielding his traditional tools – the brush, the pencil, charcoal or pastels. The artist, through conventional and calculated steps, was in control of the density of color, the degrees of the different shades, the realism or abstraction of his work of art.
Artists today, on the other hand, operate with clicks of the mouse, video tools and digital colors, which even if they ostensibly mimic Artists today find it more challenging than ever to present original and innovative ideas, and they need to exert themselves and stretch their imagination to succeed.old traditional tools with respect to performance, are still radically different with regard to usage and wielding techniques and to the means to achieve the desired artistic effect from them.

This stet of limitless options available to the artist has reached such a degree that computer-oriented artists sometimes inadvertently produce magnificent masterpieces by mere chance. Consequently, artwork upon completion may emerge drastically different from the artist’s original conception of the painting.



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We are super exited that we just Launched the NEW Art and Culture Website and we can’t wait to share more about it, but first have a look and feel comfy in each page you can find At and artists. We have designed the Website to have categories on each section ( TAB ) to be easy found and artist and creative personalities can share their work. check it out and tell others about it.


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Film and Photography,  grab a camera and snap a photo, seek the unusual and the hidden behind the lens. We support Film makers and Photographers to create and let the eye of the beholder judge each moment captured. “There is one thing the...

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We are please to intoduce our Music and Entertainment page to you, where you will find many artist, bands and well recognized names in the music industry, all this to inspire you. "Even at a young age, I was deeply moved by music with real strings...

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We explore the global creative culture, and we offer to engage creators with the audience by gathering everyone to manifest their creativeness all around. We are visionary and we like uniting humanity through creativity and art.

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We would like your opinion and ideas. Are you an artist and want to be featured on the website? please send us an inquiry to: QUIP IDEA   A Creative Marketing Consultant / Content Producer Producer @damartist  Artist / Educator...

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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso  The artist Raquel Cobian was born in Mexico and she was ultimately a self taught artist. She has been the inspiration for this website and her ideas to unify art and...

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We encourage artists and creators to be a part of The Art Root through hands on projects.The Art Root was founded in 2018 but has a much longer history before that. We invite artists as well as the community to participate. The main idea is always...

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We strive to unify people by sharing ideas and constructing connections between artists, self-taught creators, and the community. "I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart." Vincent van Gogh―

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