We welcome all avenues of creative diversity. The Art Root has been designed to focus on the creative aspects of any individual as a part of this changing world we understand now more than ever is that connecting through a variety of mediums and platforms is the solution to continue relationships and interrelations. We have the opportunity to connect with many linking our connections together. We offer creative opportunities to businesses to become a part of the Art Root community by offering options to create and proliferate creativity by their location sources and products.


We are looking for collaborators and partnerships.

The Art Root Community has been active in the community creating connections expanding its audience. Share with us to become a stronger creative community. We expand by offering to share the experiences and creativity of artists and creators of all things creative. We take conscious steps and allow the transformation of a community to become a positive influence. This process and modus Vivendi can be replicated anywhere.

contact us directly at: to learn more and to become a part of our Creative Community.



We have been on the search to collaborate and partner up with various businesses and locales that follow creativity as a form of growth for a community. We are working on including them in any particular event we have been a part of and will continue supporting their efforts. When a business collaborates and becomes a part of The Art Root Community we honor to promote the efforts and mention the company or bussiness through our various platforms for the time frame upon our initial start up, and we help them flourish. We also have marketing and promotional abilities to offer paper in hand flyers and as well as promotional products to show case anyone’s logos ideas or merchandise for any bussiness regardless the size of the project. We invite the public to learn about our main purpose and help us create positive change now and creative enhancement in our cities for today and for future generations.

Beverly Worley

Beverly Worley


” A visual showcase for completed frame projects.”

Flagler Framing And Art Gallery are located at 1512 NE 4th Ave in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Flagler Framing is a Frame shop and Art Gallery combined in one. The shop offers affordable frames in all designs and styles, being in business for over 4 decades. A made-to-order frame is an art on its own.

The Art Gallery offers opportunities to many artists locally and from out of state to show their works and be showcased. with a successful Gallery Opening, Beverly Gallery owner welcomes all varieties of artwork and encourages artists to bring their art to be exhibited and framed at the shop.  


Vinyl Destination, opened summer of 2017, is the product of lifelong record-lovers.
The small store is packed with all genres of vinyl records, specializing in vintage Rock/Pop and Jazz.

What you will find is a well curated selection of quality vinyl, at reasonable prices, delivered with attentive service. We also offer books and collectibles in the same mid-century entertainment and pop art vein.

There is much to delight the ear and the eye at Vinyl Destination. You should Visit!

Vinyl Destination

Fort Lauderdale’s newest vinyl record shop, selling vintage vinyl, books, and collectables.

937 NE 19th Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Magnolia Caffee & Green Light Gallery

We are always on the serch of creative places, we visited Magnolia Caffee & Green Light Gallery and we found a collection of Art on their walls that would make any collector and art admirer come and visit. They also have delicious pastries, teas and  fresh coffee. This is a creative inspired place for sure to be visited back again.

Magnolia Caffee & Green Light Gallery


Artisan coffee and teas, handcrafted kambucha, great food with a dash of art & vintage shopping.

1218 NE 4th Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304