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Giving a helping hand to those that cross my path is part of my mission. I’m here to assist those that are ready to receive a piece of their puzzle to be able to carry on and realize their Dr3ams.



interdisciplinary artist

“When I write songs, I write them with a melody, imagining almost every instrument that makes it come to life. Sometimes, I even hear the voice of the person singing it.”

Noemi Capote is an interdisciplinary artist and entrepreneur that is always dreaming. Dreaming of Creative Souls and enabling a synchronistic collaboration of artistic, musical, and spiritual skills. She’s a writer, poet, dancer, songwriter, and mystical healer. Noemi has self-published two books, An Animal’s Love and La Musa (The Muse).

She channels her ancestral mysticism and provides a pathway for humans, making a positive impact in the world to achieve alignment and expansion. Noemi is committed to creating offerings and tools that inspire and assist others in their path as Creative Souls.

Noemi, also known as Mimi, is currently collaborating with other Creatives in the areas of music and spirituality, creating music and visual content that can serve as functional tools, for those seeking to enhance their spirits and carry on with their goals. She’s also interviewing Creative Souls from around the world and writing about their dreams and the actions they are taking to keep that dream alive.

Her articles are a reflection of the courage and passion that each person carries in their hearts, and on how admirable it is to be able to S1mply Be who we came to be, embracing each part of us. Creating a path for our dreams to grow and for our souls to soar.

Born in Venezuela of Colombian descent, Noemi resides in South Florida with her husband and two young daughters, Bianca and Penelope Capote.


Libby Hodges


President at Art Reaching Today’s Youth, Inc

Libby offers Art classes using innovative “Arty Van Gogh” mobile art studios, which is designed and developed to be a creative Art Bus transformed on to a mobile Art Studio. 

 Libby Hodges

Libby Hodges

ARTIST, Elementary SCHOOL Art teacher

Libby Hodges is an Art teacher at Tropical Elementary in Plantation, Florida, engaging students in the visual arts. She has also been an exhibiting artist for over 20 years. She acquired two  retired school buses and designed and directed their makeovers to create two “Arty Van Gogh” mobile art studios in 2013 and 2015, thus developing an innovative means of providing mobile art instruction for adults, youth and children. She founded and launched the successful South Florida nonprofit Art Reaching Today’s Youth, Inc. in 2016 as a means to provide visual arts instruction to underserved schools in Broward County.” Comeand visit her Arty Site Here ART VAN GOGH

Tropical Heatwave Designs, Inc. is an art and design studio. “Arty Van Gogh” is a mobile art studio owned and operated by THD, Inc. Arty Van Gogh is an approved vendor for the Broward County School District for aftercare programs and field trips. The bus is also available for special events and parties for all ages.

“ARTY” Bus has been successful in presenting art classes at numerous under-performing elementary schools in Broward County, which is the nation’s sixth-largest school district providing art classes on campus for children in kindergarten through 5th grade whose schools have no visual arts program or the financial means to provide such an activity. ARTY’s mission is to raise donations and secure grant dollars that are used expressly for providing art classes at the Title I elementary schools in the Broward County Schools’ system in South Florida.

Jean-Pierre Cuestas

Jean-Pierre Cuestas

Artist, photographer film maker

He is an artist born in the US with Colombian heritage, living in West Palm. He grew up in the visual arts throughout school and took a film major pursuing and looking for mastering any and all art forms for maximum artistic expression. He is like a jack of all trades, dabbling with photography, videography, writing, screenwriting, graphic design in between other talents. He is a young and creative individual always looking to express emotions through his art.

 Chris Wheeler

Chris Wheeler



Chris Wheeler from Outer Banks, North Carolina. I am a surf art/ street artist from the Sandbars of the Outer Banks, NC. I was intrigued by art at a young age and really took a liking to graffiti and urban art. From there I started drawing and using paint markers to create colorful projects on everything from shoes to surfboards and pretty much anything I could get my hands on. I get most of my inspiration from the beach and my environment. I am currently working to expand my art across the country. So please enjoy my work and I hope it brings happiness to you.