We encourage artists and creators to be a part of The Art Root through hands on projects.

The Art Root was founded in 2018 but has a much longer history before that. We invite artists as well as the community to participate. The main idea is always been to unify artists and creative minds with the community to create hands on art movement to transform the ideals of a stagnant population, creating a vivid, vibrant and authentic one.


The Art Root purpose is to plant a seed of creativeness with each individual that is willing to engage and transform their life and their surroundings as a part of the community. A creative mind is a productive mind and Now more than ever we are connecting humanity throu art and creativity on this unpresendented times.

We believe in human connections, as a power to create and transform a community. When people come together in one creative mind set, various aspects of a population can be transformed and produce a positive influence, is why we encourage artists and creators to be a part of The Art Root.

The Art Root succeeds in the production of sustainable art projects. We present a creative platform to explore the potentials of creative individuals by sharing their experience and work through community engagement, and through hands on projects to engage and share, this way we grow the community to create a constructive change.

All sources of inspiration open and fertilize the imagination and help individuals to overcome obstacles to express their creativity. We hold true that”The roots of art is a creative idea brought to life.” We create projects and programs to back up our own words to assist artist, just like: “ART IS LIFE ” artists funding project.

We are all-inclusive. We welcome all visual artists, musicians, writers, photographers, models, video/filmmakers, actors, illustrators, designers, and more. We encourage everyone to participate and engage, while we focus on hightlighting their work, share their creativity, and speak about their skills, with the viewers.