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“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” — Robert Frank

Photots: Sunny strange as HARLEY QUIN  Photos by Corey Hoang. 



Writer, Photographer, filmmaker, model.

“I think that kind of spontaneity allows us to capture a certain authenticity, and the result is the pure essence of expression wrapped in serendipity.” 

I believe the most profound art is the art of life itself, I am a character-driven as an artist and storyteller, I set out to tell stories of the self, explore themes relevant to humanity, and ponder what it really means to be a part of this strange tribe of earthlings.
Herein lies my love for portraiture. Anytime I orchestrate a photoshoot, I try to give my subjects the freedom to be themselves completely. I like working off the energy of other people in candid locations and just seeing where the wind takes us. That’s when magic happens.

Cory Hoang

“We are all loners in our imaginary worlds”

I do art photography and a bit of drawing. Everything I’ve done, learnt and developed is  self-taught. It’s a shame, I should have gone to art school, but my previous and present situation does not allow me to do so. However, it does not stop me from  pursuing arts as one of my professions. 
Cory Hoang

Cory Hoang

Photographer, Artist.

A self-taught artist/photographer/graphic designer. I have been doing arts roughly for 3 years. I am passionate about art photography and drawing. I use these media to express my feelings about the world. Most of my stuff is very dark, depressing but authentic. If you felt any of my arts it relates to your personal life, we would become friends. For my art perspective I relatively focus on dark subjects which express the dark side of this world, where there is not so much happiness, but mostly sadness. Some of the works are related to my personal stories and feelings. My style might cause the audience some traumas but I guess everyone at the end would understand why.



Always investigated the contradictions and aberrations of contemporary society, in particular on addiction to social networks, on racism, on ideological fanaticism and on discrimination in general; he does so by setting up his unmistakable photographic sets, with unreal, acid colors that define a grotesque sense of melancholy.


Dorothy Bhawl (nowhere, 1985) Photographer sculptor and avanguard art, the artist comunicates through painting, sculpture on a particular paste of his own invention and engraving on glass to highlight human aberrations through monstrous reconstructions of
human anatomy, often mixed with tech objects and multinational logos.

His expressive code lends itself to trying his hand at various fields: winner for two consecutive years of the contest for the Amnesty International “Walk on Rights” photographic campaign and of the
First Prize at the international visual arts competitions GlobalArt and A.M.A. Festival in 2012 and 2019. In 2015 the ~Cavellini foundation~ dedicates to him an impressive photographic installation called “New Babylon” located in Sirmione in the Maria Callas park, a manifestation of monumental installations in which Yoko Ono, Guglielmo also participate among the big names Achille Cavellini and Stefano Bombardieri .. In 2015 he won the Corpus
Hominis competition for the construction of the monumental altarpiece of the S. Agata Church in Brescia. 


Its themes are investigated by reconstructing a mystical and esoteric, fascinating and complex aology in a real context, in which multiple objects, multicolor trinkets, conceptual signs, combined with
the art of disguise are mixed following magical Neo-Pop style alchemy to generate symbols always new meanings, in stark contrast to the codified mass media language.


In 2017 he exhibited his installation in the context of the Venice Biennale, under
the Accademia Bridge and was chosen to create Wonderland Festival in Brescia, an important international contemporary theater festival; moreover, his sculptures Snails (snails), symbol of a spiritual development of humanity in a cosmic key, invade Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, Ibiza, Korea, Tokyo, Moscow and New York, and finally become , selected by the
Graffik Gallery in London to appear next to Bansk’s works and be applied on the red helmets of the new wave band Devo. His research also extends to the theatrical and musical field with the creation of important album covers and portraits of international artists. In 2019, Bhawl’s works adorn the home and workshop of British designer Vivienne Westwood.

In 2019 he participates in the Incrine project, a comic created by over 70 selected Italian artists and is the creator of the photographic book Lei, Armando, (Morellini Editore), presented at the National Museum of Photography in Brescia and at the Macao in Milan. In the same year his hometown dedicates a personal exhibition to him at the MaCof Museum of Italian Photography"
realizing and putting his works on the cover of the first volume of the important center of Italian photography. In 2020 his images harp the event of the fashion week in Milan at the Vik Gallery, the first art hotel in Italy to contain the works of over 90 international artists. In the same year he was selected to be a permanent part of the works exhibited in another luxury Art Hotel this time in the Dolomites, the Paradiso Pure Living. 

He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad: in London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, New York and Hong Kong; is present at important exhibitions: Fuori Biennale di Venezia, Salone del mobile di Milano, International Biennial of Photography of Arezzo, The Blank Art Date, the Street Art Festival of San Gervasio (Bs), where he presents his works alongside Bansky, Parmiggiani , Villeglé and Christo, Artrooms Fai Junk Food in Rome, the Soncino Biennale. To Marco, ArtDate in Bergamo, ImageNation. International photographic exhibition of Paris and Arles. His works have been chosen as the covers of several novels published in the States for the Grindhouse press, Ohio. Recently, the Berlin Art Fanzine Magazine, Hystrio, Frattura Scomposta, Dentrocasa, MarieClaire, Rolling Stones, Vanity Fair and ImageMag and national newspapers have dedicated important contributions to him.

Sean Murdock

Sean Murdock

Artist, Photographer

“The lack of art and the lack of me being able to create is hell. My hell would be not being able to create.”

Sean Murdock is an Internationally known mixed-media artist, street artist and photographer working in the San Francisco Bay Area of California (Vallejo) and Miami Florida ( Wynwood ). He began his art career at the age of 7 by attending classes at the School For The Creative And Performing Arts in Cincinnati Ohio. Spending 15 years in Fort Myers Florida home to  great men such as Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and artist Robert Rauschenberg gave Sean a drive to do big things and keep creating.Moving to Miami in 2002 he immediately became known for his sexually charged, “Warhol like” prints on wooden sheets. His Rabbit series featuring naked men and women in a bunny head and his massive murals have become a part of South Florida culture. His murals have been painted on such famous landmarks as Tobacco Road (Miami’s oldest bar) and Revolution/Greenroom Nightclub on the “Sean Murdock Balcony” (The Bourbon Room from Rock of Ages) and in Miami’s Wynwood district.Sean has been in hundreds of shows since his first one back in 1990 including the Chinese International Photographic Exposition, the Mr Brainwash Show, and the Sea No Evil – Sea Shepherd charity art show in Los Angeles. During Art Basel Miami every year since 2009 Sean has been a featured artist in multiple shows.

Nicholas Garofola


Nicholas Garofola

Nicholas Garofola

Filmmaker, Actor, Minimalist

“I hope to one day write and direct my own work as a full time career”

I’ve been into filmmaking for years, I’m still crafting my niche, but I’ve found that most of my projects. I have a dark tone with a tactical theme in common. What started as me filming random skits with my friends when I was about 13, sparked a passion for filmmaking that I hold to this day. I run a small (but growing) YouTube channel now, where I share my projects, teach editing tutorials, and post documentary style projects. I hope to one day write and direct my own work as a full time career, and I will pursue that dream for as long as it takes.

Also Minimalism essential living has been something I’ve embraced and encouraged for years. I want to try and blend these two passions, I hopefully encourage some people to give living a minimal life a shot and show how it can help you live a simpler life and have a more clear path.   

Whiskey & Smoke

(A Western Short Film)
Directed by Jared Eckert and Nicholas Garofola

A Bandit is on the run with a bag of loot.


 (Covid-19 Inspired Short Film)

By the year 2029, a vaccine for Covid-19 has been discovered. The virus has become much more aggressive in it’s symptoms and fatality rate. China was the first country to discover a vaccine but held out to the rest of the world until the United States admitted it’s originally brought the virus to Asia. Donald Trump considered holding out an act or war and made threats against China, worrying many Americans. The vaccine became public when a Chinese whistleblower leaked to scientists around the world how they made the vaccine. It’s super limited supply meant only the highest ranking Religious Leaders, Politicians, and Billionaires (most of whom are infected at this point) were first in line to be vaccinated. When news of this broke, there was a civil uproar. In 2029, the United States of America is now without a Federal Government. The States and towns operate within their own laws.


VIDOC 29 – EPISODE II Episode II: Inferno Our protagonist was last seen at his rally point for extraction. He realizes he has dropped his only remaining photo of his late wife where he answered his radio call. Time is against him, and he hopes to retrieve the photo and make it back to his rally point in time. A Sci-Fi short film taking place a few years after the global pandemic of Covid-19.



Photographer, Writer.


“Traveling is education. The more I travel; I learn much more”.        

World traveller and Photographer from Goa, India. In 2019 he was in China and also has been to the Great Wall of China. He has recently published his first book. “How did I travel to China”, inspired by true events as a traveler and World Wide Photographer capturing beautiful locations and sharing secrets from “must-visit” places in China.

He has been to 41 nations and 4 continents around the world, has visited many wonders of the world including the Petra an outstanding and famous archaeological site  located in Jordan, Has been in Famous point sites like the Eiffel Tower (France), Statue of Liberty (USA), The Colosseum (Italy) and many more different places. He is also the founder of “Buenos Muzik” Record Label where he offers Music Production and distribution.





"Waves in Motion"

 Nature provides a canvas to her camera. The images are proven that just like water creativeness flows even out of focus and often distorted they create emotion.  Shooting waves and the sky are one of Larissa’s subject matter. 




Larissa Struzyna is a German artist who looks into nature and finds a moment in time in close-ups spalshes.
There are unique time capsuled images that are photographed spontaneously without any planned set up.

Her photographs have no symmetry in water there is no special measurement, is just fluidity and water dancing with a million curves and shapes that nature creates like an instantaneous sculpture captured in time.