Cory Hoang

“We are all loners in our imaginary worlds”

Cory Hoang

I do art photography and a bit of drawing. Everything I’ve done and learnt is from self-learning and development. It’s a shame that I should have gone to art school, but my past and current situation does not allow me to do so. However, it does not stop me pursuing arts as one of my professions.

Nicholas Garofola

Nicholas Garofola

Filmmaker, Actor, Minimalist

“I hope to one day write and direct my own work as a full time career”

I’ve been into filmmaking for years, I’m still crafting my niche, but I’ve found that most of my projects. I have a dark tone with a tactical theme in common. What started as me filming random skits with my friends when I was about 13, sparked a passion for filmmaking that I hold to this day. I run a small (but growing) YouTube channel now, where I share my projects, teach editing tutorials, and post documentary style projects. I hope to one day write and direct my own work as a full time career, and I will pursue that dream for as long as it takes.

Also Minimalism essential living has been something I’ve embraced and encouraged for years. I want to try and blend these two passions, I hopefully encourage some people to give living a minimal life a shot and show how it can help you live a simpler life and have a more clear path.   

Whiskey & Smoke

(A Western Short Film)
Directed by Jared Eckert and Nicholas Garofola

A Bandit is on the run with a bag of loot.


 (Covid-19 Inspired Short Film)

By the year 2029, a vaccine for Covid-19 has been discovered. The virus has become much more aggressive in it’s symptoms and fatality rate. China was the first country to discover a vaccine but held out to the rest of the world until the United States admitted it’s originally brought the virus to Asia. Donald Trump considered holding out an act or war and made threats against China, worrying many Americans. The vaccine became public when a Chinese whistleblower leaked to scientists around the world how they made the vaccine. It’s super limited supply meant only the highest ranking Religious Leaders, Politicians, and Billionaires (most of whom are infected at this point) were first in line to be vaccinated. When news of this broke, there was a civil uproar. In 2029, the United States of America is now without a Federal Government. The States and towns operate within their own laws.


VIDOC 29 – EPISODE II Episode II: Inferno Our protagonist was last seen at his rally point for extraction. He realizes he has dropped his only remaining photo of his late wife where he answered his radio call. Time is against him, and he hopes to retrieve the photo and make it back to his rally point in time. A Sci-Fi short film taking place a few years after the global pandemic of Covid-19.


"Waves in Motion"

 Nature provides a canvas to her camera. The images are proven that just like water creativeness flows even out of focus and often distorted they create emotion.  Shooting waves and the sky are one of Larissa’s subject matter. 




Larissa Struzyna is a German artist who looks into nature and finds a moment in time in close-ups spalshes.
There are unique time capsuled images that are photographed spontaneously without any planned set up.

Her photographs have no symmetry in water there is no special measurement, is just fluidity and water dancing with a million curves and shapes that nature creates like an instantaneous sculpture captured in time.