Hands-on Creativity produces various artistic and installations projects. Also creates workshops that teach techniques and unique artistic methods to produce arts and crafts. We share projects in which the public can participate and artists can collaborate.


This new IDEA Group is open to join. This group allows creatives and artists to be a part of a group that creates ideas for many different and creative projects.

We have ain istagram page where you can visit an see all the events we had and the upcoming events check it out here: @quipevents  . We also will have a claendar at event brite applied to follow us and seek any hands on creativity work shop we are preparing each month.

To join this group please send a direct e mail to: and request informationn subscription to start becoming a part of what transforms the creative world. We want to make it easy for anyone with good intentional and creative ideas to participate in a group and exchange ideas and execute them with the group efforts and support.


"Seat Yourself a Soul" Street Art Installation

This is an ongoing global street art installation 

“Seat Yourself A Soul” is a pop – up street art installation, it utilizes a chair that can be decorated and painted in fun colors in any theme in which people are invited to sit, contemplate, and take pictures with, to perceive their surroundings as a creative space. 



To participate in this Street art Global installation we’re inviting you to create your own seat yourself a soul chair!

Get geared out with paint and anything you want to add to it, get a  chair that you want to make your own art piece and then bring it to your town, allow others to see and enjoy your creativity.

Share this idea with all the Creative people you know. This can be done anywhere in the world and we all can see it by taking photos and hashtags to #seatyoursoulhere Note: check the requirements in your town, but pretty sure since it’s just a chair you may not need a permit to pop up your art installation anywhere …and enjoy doing so.

This creates a POP-UP Street Art Installation anywhere HAVE FUN Creating!


The Art Root succeeds in the production of sustainable art projects. We present a creative platform to explore the potentials of creative individuals by sharing their experience and work through community engagement, and through hands on projects to unite and share humanity to create a constructive change. We will be sharing projects along the way with our creative partners and Collaborators. Be ready to inspire others!


First Initiative Artists Support Program created by THE ART ROOT

ART IS LIFE is an artists assistance program. This program will help and assist artists in need during these times, allowing them to continue creating, and helping others do the same. The program was crated by The Art Root on August 2020, and is now finally open to the public. For more information and how to become a sponsor contact


Art is life is a nonprofit assistance program that will be able to help cover financially many materials and other items for artist in need, to allow them to continue creating and evolving in their art career. This program is the first of its kind and will create a form of pay it forward to assist many more artist in need. By donating to the program you would be able to help an artist that has experienced hardships in this current time. We gather funds to assist the artist to continue creating to grow on their career and able to promote their work through our platforms and other promotional options collectively. The funds are dispersed in an equal % increments and the artist will be provided this funds directly to gather materials and other equipment, in return after artist has been promoted and art pieces are sold upon the program initiative, the artist will have a small % deduction to return back to the ART IS LIFE program to assist another artist in need, this program succeeds on the on a pay it forward dynamic, the program has a time limit for the artist to be able to accelerate their success and continue their creativity on their own. We have plans to assist many artist in need and help them obtain success. We also encourage many artist that are and have achieved success to help and support this program by donating, This will create a fund savings for them to help other artists in need, and then they will get in return a % back per-capital on art sold by being a part of this program to help other artist and help themselves at the same time. This Program has been created with one purpose and is to continue opening channels to many creative individuals that are willing to share their work and help others along the way to do the same. Creating a community of artist helping artists.
If you are an artist in need please send an e mail to inquire requirements of this assistance, and if you are an artist wanting to sponsor and assist a fellow artist in need please contact us via email for more information and details about this project an it’s benefits. To:




The Art Root has had the opportunity to collaborate with Mass District with an interactive and creative event each month right at the Fort Lauderdale Art Walk inviting the community to be a part of the Hands-on Creativity projects like “Seat Yourself a soul” street art chair project, “Tag and Spray” as well as the artist invited to paint the “Trifold sign” at Mass District.

We invited the community to participate and paint a chair, tag, and spray on faux walls and invited various artists to apply their art to the Mass District tri fold sign right at Flagler Drive to enhance the look and ignite the public to recognize this area as an artistic and creative location.