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 Guillermo Arismendi

Guillermo Arismendi

Digital Art

“Music and dance, logic and poetry, had inspired me to face the creation process. Small details coexists in harmony with powerful forces, producing an optimistic insight where risk and drama are also present.”

Guillermo Arismendi is an artist establish Tenerife Canary Islands, he obtain his bachelor’s degree in communication arts and advertisement and has worked in Barcelona since 1990. He has been sharing his time as a senior production director and motion graphic designer along with the development of this art. Today he is based in Tenerife as a Senior Creator and film Director.

His art is inspired by the search of personal language rooted in memories and dreams that cannot be expressed with words. A scent of optimism mixed with risk and spontaneity, gives his art a distinctive personality that offers to the viewer the opportunity to participate in his search. The language that emerges speaks in chloral mode respecting the contradiction and counterpoints of the daily life. A non-verbal state of mind leads the balance between Order and Chaos, suggesting an open-ended to be continued.