The Art Root believes in human connections as a power to create and transform a community. When people come together in one creative mind set, various aspects of a population is transformed on a positive influence that keeps on growing, is why we encourage artists, creators and the community over all to be a part of The Art Root, is why we love collaborating with various entities, artists and the public.

Alexandra Silva Labarr

South Florida-based Xandra Marketing Brings a Fresh Take to Marketing Agency

The first and foremost trait that is required in Women Entrepreneurs is courage. Anyone can commence a business with great passion but only a few dares to keep running the business for the long term and get success in this field and Alexndra is agreat example of a woman that knows what the Marketing Bussiness needs and she succeded at it 100%

Alexandra Silva Labarr

Alexandra Silva Labarr

President of Xandra Marketing & PR Firm


“My superpower is simplifying things that appear complicated.”

Alexandra has worked in Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for over 20 years with a focus in the construction industry. She has tremendous experience in developing relationships. Her passion is truly inspiring people to become the best in their industry. Alexandra brings decades of high-level corporate marketing and sales expertise to the table, along with an innate ability to help business leaders tap into their real strengths and abilities. Her goal as a marketing consultant is not to simply execute marketing campaigns. It’s to coach and guide the business and its people toward their deepest potential. Alexandra operates from transparency and authenticity. She believes that in business, “failure is the prerequisite to growth.” Her approach to coaching clients is ALWAYS to keep moving forward.

 Xandra Marketing is a boutique agency that offers a full suite of marketing services, both ala carte and full-scope. Contact Xandra to assist you with your digital marketing campaigns for sales and leadership coaching as well as branding, strategy and public relations. Xandra Marketing also leads professional masterminds for Business Development Managers and monthly podcasts to support your business growth.



Xandra Marketing is a full-service marketing firm based in South Florida with a focus on coaching and consulting. We have decades of high-level experience that we put to work for our clients in small, medium and large organizations. Our ethos consists of an unwavering desire to get to the core of the challenge, isolate the obstacle and reach toward measurable goals.

We take a hands-on, personalized approach to our clients’ business objectives. We understand that every company is unique and requires a unique assessment. We put our deep expertise into play to customize a strategy that fits as well as execute a marketing plan that is tangible and measurable. Our goal is to become an extension of your company – part of your team. Xandra Marketing has a unique take on the agency-client relationships. By bringing the coaching piece into the marketing mix, Xandra is able to help business leaders create high-level strategy and tap into empowerment, sales skills and networking expertise to create a more powerful and all-encompassing success road map.

Many decisions need to be taken while running a business and being assertive is a must to get the job done in an outstanding way. She is great at what she does and it requires a lot of firm decisions to handling it effectively. She has what iot takes, a clear and assertive mind while working for any clients and uplifting theirn needs and business requirements.


The Art Root has began community collaborations and volunteering work with MASS DISTRICT. This includes offering our labor of love towards the Flagler Village and surrounding areas, by volunteering time to paint the side walk surrounded the parking lot in the vecinity that alocates various shops, restaurants and bussinesses to create a more sustainable and attractive area for the community.


We are happy to share the symmetry of ideals we have in common with Artrise and their efforts on establishing a relationship with the community as advocates for culture enhancement and creativity just like The Art Root has stated. We are working towards having parallel programs in which the community can take full advantage and be healthy and creative. #ARTEQUASLS HEALTH project is no doubt an agreement that Mass District and Art Rise came up with and we support fully.