The Art Root believes in human connections as a power to create and transform a community. When people come together in one creative mind set, various aspects of a population is transformed on a positive influence that keeps on growing, is why we encourage artists, creators and the community over all to be a part of The Art Root, is why we love collaborating with various entities, artists and the public.


This Art Project happened in Fort Lauderdale at the ART WALK in November 2020.

This was our initial ” seat your Self a Soul” project that included children and adults equaly to participate and enjoy exploring their creativity, by giving them freedom of expression. We are since then taken this art collective project and chairs to be in exhibit at subsequential Mass District Art Walks. We also invited artists to part take on the project, and successfully we had various artist like Enrique Cirino, Renda Writer and David Larule taken chairs and giving them their own art spin and embracing our creative project.