We love reading and literature allows us to step into a characters life and walk in their shoes live their experiences and opens one imagination. In a graphic novel they build an atmosphere for us and we observe and read, by the visuals, both are enjoyable, creative and worth reading.
We can’t wait to add writers and many titles for anyone’s to learn more and appreciate their work.

Ella Marques

“Coming Home to Venus” The story of a woman transitioning to her real self, biographical
history of my transition and some information how it’s done.

“Eva’s World” A Real Woman’s life is a fiction novel of Eva, an international transgender
woman, her friends, her lovers and her traveling. It is about being pansexual and some issues
that transgender have in their relationships.

Ella has traveled all her life, has been in many countries in almost all continents and she speaks seven languages.

“I was born a boy from Venus”

Is my biography, stories about the great life experiences I had, about the struggles I went through, and about the beginnings of my transition.

“Coming home to Venus”

Is about my transition, from the first steps up to gender reassignment surgery. What happened, the changes I went through, lessons learned, changes in to my environment.

"Eva's world"

Is the third Book is a novel, the story of Eva, an hard working international traveling pansexual transgender woman, her life, her travels, her lovers and mostly her friends Linda, Olympia and Victoria. Two are transgender.

Ella Marques

Ella Marques

Woman (Transgender) LGBT author


“The transgender and the LGBT community. It’s all about our experiences, how difficult it is to come out and assume what you really are.”

My name is Ella Marques, I transitioned from a male to female some years ago, at the age of fifty nine. I am an MTF transgender woman, meaning I was born a male but always knew that I was a girl, and finalized my journey to become my real self. Yes, I was born in Portugal in 1956, in another world, and had an incredible international life. I went to Le Rosey a very high class international Boarding school in Switzerland, Studied Mechanical Engineering in London and spent a large time of her life in Switzerland where I had a very good business career, two different marriages and three wonderful kids, well my last one was born near Paris, France. I lived in many different countries, Switzerland, Portugal, England, France, Brazil and now in the USA. I have three nationalities, visited over eighty five different countries either for business or pleasure. Now I live in south Florida. I started to write some years ago because I wanted to support my transgender community, and I found that I really liked it. Probably it comes in the family, my grandfather wrote three books as well.
My audiences are mostly:
– The transgender and the LGBT community. It’s all about our experiences, how difficult it
is to come out and assume what you really are.
– Supportive people for the transgender community and counselors can learn about our
lives, great and sometimes no so great experiences.
– Parents and family of transgender people can understand us better and support us
– General people that want to understand our community better.
All my books are positive, I tried to make them somehow funny and easy to read.
I wrote three books until now and some more are coming soon:
“I was born a boy, from Venus” Time to be yourself is an autobiography and tells about my life
and my struggles with my femininity.

As a transgender I had many my mysteries and events that shaped my life. Some of them I experienced myself some were I was involved. Being a transgender woman I experienced living as a man and as a woman. One Mystery is called “Male superiority or supremacy” and changing genders it means that you must give them up. Does it exist, yes it does in many heads of both male and females. Does this right has a reason to exist, most definitely not. I am working on an essay on this theme, giving out the male superiority rights and how wrong are they, Women and men are equals no right for one to be over the other.


 I wanted to write books lending a voice to the people who don’t get the representation they need and deserve. Creating an autistic princess, diabetic amputee, and transgender character for these stories was inspiring as well as rewarding. I want to thank Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing for their help and support creating these stories.

A King has a mute and magical daughter. How can this autistic princess ever be queen?
A celebration of Edward’s Boyd art work.
“I have been an artist from about the age of three. My passion for art has only grown, and I wanted to share my art.”
Frankie isn’t the most popular kid in school, but that doesn’t stop him from going on an amazing journey to find the Upside-down Island.



” I would describe art or creating as bringing to life a single beautiful image.”

His art style is whimsical and very vibrant. Edward completed the visual performing arts program at his high school. Edward also took classes at the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota Florida. He now illustrates books for Amazon and does Independent art projects.  You can find his books in Amazon and his art by connecting through Instagram. 

Edward: “I am a gay artist, author, and illustrator. I didn’t get into writing books because I thought I was the best artist, or story teller. I honestly did it because I had something to say.”

Edward Boyd is a vibrant author and Artist, he has created a collection of books for children that highlights diversity and uplifts equality. His Art is vivid and has emotion Edward is an artist and author to be followed and keep an eye because he seems has just started something really great that will get a lot of attention to to the Equals Rights Advocates and specially the LGBT community. You can purchase his books through Amazon.

A brand-new superhero with a colorful array of superpowers!


Thirteen-year-old Ashley Rayburn is an upbeat girl with a decidedly downbeat past. With a criminal father in prison,
Ashley has bounced from foster home to foster home with trouble always finding her along the way. Finally settling in with loving and supportive foster parents, Ashley’s world is turned upside down again when she stumbles upon a set of body paints that grant the wearer a multitude of superpowers. But the government agency that made those paints wants them back, and now she has to make hard choices to protect her new family while overcoming the shadows of the past.

Ashley’s latest set of presumably short-term foster parents are Kitch and Yuka Nolan. Like Ashley, Kitch happens to be an artist. Yuka, on the other hand, is a geneticist working for a very high-level tech company, one that’s contracted out to work for the government and the military. And it’s Yuka’s latest top secret project that has her very concerned. Developed for the military, it’s a set of body paints that, when applied to the wearer, grant them a wide range of special powers. Fearful that this invention will be misused, Yuka sneaks the set of paints home, substituting a dummy suitcase with an ordinary set of paints in their place.

From here, signals get crossed. Ashley comes home from school one day with her new friend Luke and, thinking that the Nolans have purchased a surprise gift for her upcoming birthday, finds the set of paints. Being an artist, Ashley naturally assumes these are for her. It isn’t long before she realizes that she’s stumbled upon something much bigger and a lot more dangerous. Although she uses her newly discovered powers for good, it’s not long before the military becomes wise to what happened to their secret weapon. And this spells big trouble not only for Ashley, but for her newfound family and friends as well.

 “Primer” also ends on a cliffhanger, with Ashley meeting her real father — who’s in prison. I suspect there’s a “Primer II” on the horizon, which isn’t at all a bad thing.

 Thomas Krajewski

Thomas Krajewski

Co-creator of DC’s “Primer”

He is a comics/animation writer (Primer, TMNT, Iron Man) creates a part of the popular DC’s Primer, switching from animation to comics, auditioning for Robin. @krajewski_tom


 Gretel Lusky

Gretel Lusky

Illustrator & Comic artist currently working for DC and Marvel/IDW

My art is mostly inspired by poetry, music, nature and marine life. I’ve been working as a visual development artist and character designer for animation since 2015 and I am now pursuing my long-term dream of drawing comics while living the freelance life for the first time.  @gretlusky

Jennifer Muro

Jennifer Muro

TV writer, musician, producer.

Graphic novel “PRIMER” writer.

Also writes for Netflix, WB, DC, Disney+, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Crunchyroll, co-producer on Amazon’s “The Legend of Vox Machina”. @officialjennifermuro